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Redsoil/Brownsoil explores the relations we have to the land/earth we walk on, using and exchanging different work methods of physical storytelling, visual theatre, puppetry and our cultural, historic and geographical backgrounds to explore and unpack the complexities and the politics of land, how it affects us, those who walk on it, and the impact it has on those who don’t own any of it but yet walk on it everyday.

In this project we are experiencing a meeting of four bodies from three different countries coming together to challenge the idea of space through various distinct forms of performance styles, presentations and practices. We believe that our individual practises, whether focusing on the body of the performer or physical objects and materials, share similar possibilities for framing, shaping and poeticising space and creating imagery, alter the density of the air, making the still or invisible come alive with breath and movement.

Redsoil/Brownsoil is created in collaboration with Ragni Halle, Mahlatsi Mokgonyana, Billy Edward and Livia Hi who are inspired by each other’s aesthetics and philosophical, practical and ethical approach to theatre making. In 2018 they decided to bring together their knowledge, training and resources to make a project together to premier in South Africa - one director and one performer in Scandinavia, one director and one performer in South Africa came together to develop a work structure to overcome the obstacles of the long distance between countries. 

REDSOIL/BROWNSOIL is an intercontinental and interdisciplinary performance project supported by Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) development grant, Nedbank Arts and Kulturrådet Arts Council Norway. 

redsoil lines.png

"Lovely, strange, circling offering"

-Weekend Special

"I experienced this duet as if it were performed intimately personal, journal of ruminations on home and home-coming through spirit"

-The Critter

See extract from show below

Images by Zivanai Matangi and TheatreDuo

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