Independently co-produced by Theatreduo & Co (Pty) Ltd and Intsusa

A PLACE OF KNOWING seeks to acknowledge the contemporary voices and stories of young people living in South Africa.  Five performers transform their personal accounts into a series of images, songs and monologues where they unpack and explore the complexities of the relationships we have with our parents as young people and how those relationships affect us or shape our lives. The five stories came from an exercise on the idea of memory and personal archive in relation to the past, present and future and from that the following themes emerged: mental health, poverty, spirituality, the absence of a parent as well as the intricacies of parent-child relationships. 

"If this is some of the future of

SA storytelling-theatre,

then we are in very good hands.


-Rob Murray

“exquisitely honest

and detailed performances…”

-Dan Robbertse

"A Place of Knowing" has become

my go to therapy session

for the internal bleeding and I am not sure

I want to stop.’

-Tswelopele Mokoena

place of knowinglines.png

"Tonight I witnessed “A place of knowing”, a theatrical piece from young makers that I love and respect. It spoke to the inner most sacred parts of me. Parts that I often struggle to confront and express. Ideas around grief and loss that resonate in everyday terms. We laughed, we cringed and cried, some couldn’t sit though it all and left the space. 

Loss is a central theme that connects all human beings. Memory is the fragile hinge that allows us to hold tight to our loved ones and things. Young people often don’t have the language to communicate how this loss and the world affects them. A place of knowing does that! it's a piece that speaks to these ideas through the weaving of personal narratives from five fearless young women. An example of how personal biography and collaboration work together to give a voice to personal stories with universal appeal in a unique and engaging way." 

-Tony Miyambo 

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(Full video available on request)

Images by Tumelo Kgongwana